Thursday, 16 August 2012

Gangs of Wasseypur - Review

Gangs of wasseypur, directed by Anurag Kashyap has once again made an exceptional benchmark in the movie industry. Beginning with a melodramatic and saccharine-packed title song of "kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi", i was bewitched with the stark changes that follow within the movie. Very niftily, the movie commences with a scene singled out from an intermediate point in the movie and then retraces back to 1940 citing the start of at least three generations of family feud that takes toll on everyone involved in the family, neighborhood and community.

The director has purely focused on a simple fact and created a prodigious five-hour movie that does not fail to glue the viewers. The movie is a sumptuous treat for all gangster movie-lovers with lewd language, gruesome killings and breath-taking surprises. But it is not all about blood, revenge and foul mouth and to this end, the story beautifully narrates the concept that “Aadmi do tarah ke hote hai ek kamine aur dusre bewakoof” and by adding a dash of “bewakoofi” to each of the kamina character in the movie, the concept does not fail to provoke laughter in the audience.

So astounding is the casting that it feels like every character from the movie was grown on every actor. Although Manoj Bajpai and Nawazuddin Siddiqui dominate most of the film with their screen presence and extraordinary performance, one can not help but notice the perfection in the fine acting from Richa Chadda. Be it when she runs with a stick, behind her cheating husband Manoj Bajpai or when she would not accept a son Nawazuddin Siddiqui who cannot avenge the death of her husband, son and father-in-law; she makes everyone else on screen a blur.

The Film includes 25 songs sandwiched in five hours of pure drama, but not a single song feels out of place. Every song blends in perfectly with the story and relates to the narrative. The mix of styles with old and new songs makes every song a listening pleasure and each one strikes a distinct chord. The sound effects play a crucial role in this gangster action movie but never overwhelm the plot and thus makes it easy for the audience to stick with the plot and narrative.

It seems to me that it is pure evil that one has to see this movie in two parts and not as a complete movie. But I will definitely say that Anurag Kashyap makes one more jewel of a movie with Gangs of Wasseypur for his viewers.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Fathers Day

As I entered the church today little Philips dawdled to me and wished me "Happy fathers Day" and handed me the mass book and newsletter. IT was first time I was wished for the day ever and Marcus behind me thought that he deserved that service 'cause he is a father and I am not even married.

Later, when at home I tried to get in touch with my father, he was out of town for work purpose. Father's day passed without wishing my father. Almighty, keep him happy and healthy!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

First glimpse of Dubai

As soon as pilot announced that we were approaching Dubai I was glued to the screen and window pane, thanks to Emirates which has this cameras around plane that picture exquisite views around plane. The sand dunes changed colors to slight of amber and announced proximity to Dubai.

No sooner a well planned city with lavish buildings, personal swimming pools and well manicured lawns filled the view. As I was busy absorbing all displays of riches, flight landed at Dubai international. A long glass tunnel like building in the center with number of planes flanked in the window pane.

As soon as I entered the airport my first thought was, amazing - sign boards at right places, information kiosks, huge sitting lobbies and an array of duty free shops. The airport was not only welcoming but also easy to access.

As I got to terminal for my next flight I still had few hours to spare so I settled at coffee shop with a hot cuppa coffee. The fellow serving coffee was a friendly Indian chap and as we spoke he filled me with his life in the city. Chatting with him, the shopaholic me was getting tempted to walk down the duty free area.

When I could no longer control my urge to walk down the shopping area I went down to the shopping area. Shops displayed range of chocolates, wines, liqueurs, cigarettes, jewelery, perfumes, books, music, electronics and lot more. As I walked down a few more shops I realised it was about time for me to board flight.

As the flight descended the marvelous desert I caught final few glimpses of the man-made islands and well planned city!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Calling Mumbai Airport

I was lost day dreaming when she said for the third time "Listen to me, please!". Ofcourse I was listening just that my mind was busy painting the images of how it would be to meet after so many days - seven months!

"Yeah I am all ears, dear" rhyme made us chuckle, but she didn't give up "You want me to wear Indian or western?" I racked my brains as she asked me this umpteenth time. I loved whatever she wore but she insisted she wanted my opinion this time. Finally after putting much of thought on her route and comfort I said "Western, yeah wear western" "Oh and I thought you liked saree's and all, huh" "I still do but..." the conversation took me dreaming again.

It was 10.55 pm flight was due 10.45, yet it showed expected, damn Delta's never on time! Time was moving by snail's pace, finally the status changed to landed and I almost jumped to watch the entrance. Time ticked by even slowly now, I carved place for me near the terminal exit. People poured out from exit and the crowd got moving the atmosphere was filled with pleasantries, muffled cries and laughter. I was enjoying this array of human emotions when I caught first glimpse of her, she looked stunning if the word can justify my feelings at the moment. My heart skipped least a beat or two and felt would swell out of my ribs. Her dark brown curls were straightened, black cotton jacket and knee length skirt complimented pink hot flush on her cheek, dark thin brows knitted together creasing her forehead as her eyes darted through crowd for me. I quickly regained my composure as I saw panic on her face and quickly ushered to a clearing on the main exit waving to her. Relief crossed her features and smile appeared on those pink luscious lips as she closed the distance striding diagonally, the white tee and the black stockings hugged her perfect features as the jacket and skirt flanneled her pale complexion, her dark eyes were brimming with joy when our gaze finally locked!

The crowd, airport and seven months dissolved with every step, when she was near enough my hands reached for her embracing, the hooting from gang of boys brought me back to the Mumbai airport. I quickly ushered her by my side gripping her by waist and taking hold of her suitcase. We quickly made our way to the car, our accomplice for next few hours before she was on her next flight to meet her parents!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Woman's Day

This Women’s Day, I sit back and recall the three significant females I met in my life and the impact they left on me. First lady that conjures up is my mother – aai. Ever since I started making memories this amazing lady in my life fascinated me, she was my world, her voice was soothing and her face was assuring, ever. As I grew I knew she was a phenomenal lady, she left a budding career for her child, me. She had made her decision in flip second while she was on bed with me, she had got double promotion and a raise but she chose family as full time career. Later on as I saw her and father struggle through the life making ends meet. The way she supported him in his every decision like a firm pillar gave him wings he was free to experiment and be the man he is. I learnt dedication!
The second lady that I learnt to admire as I grew was my granny, my mother’s mom. She’d lived a life of struggle, her mother died at her birth and she was left to be nursed by step mother who happened to be out of Cinderella fairy tale. But just like the tale a handsome prince married her when she was 14 or may be 15; those were times when no one kept account of ages. Her prince brought her to the dream city of Mumbai and they lived happily; they had five angels – two sons and three daughters. Unfortunately, the happily ever after ended soon after the birth of the fifth child, their son. Being uninformed and uneducated she coiled back to a small house from her father in law, unaware of the pensions or life insurance monies. She raised her five kids on her own struggling from hand to mouth but giving best of education to each child. Her children were brilliant and got settled in their life sooner. She was happy but her happiness lasted only to see death of her eldest son. Her struggle won her and life slowly left her – I learnt life isn’t always fair but we still struggle!
The third lady that met in my youth is this wonderful Irish lady. She came off this small time village in Ireland, with servitude towards ill and ailing. She met her man and married only to be subject of domestic violence and abuse. She gave birth to two wonderful girls and finally gave up on the man who was her husband when she could take it no more. The girls grew up to be wonderful lass’s but blamed mother for incomplete parenthood telling her she married a wrong person and eventually moved out. The lady however through all this never gave up on servitude; she became a wonderful nurse with NHS and till date nurses the old and ill with an angelic smile. Recently I happened to see her when she celebrated her 40 years of being nurse, she told me she was satisfied as she did act on her calling when I wished her she surprised me by a book on her city, “Sudershan dear, this is a picture book of my city show it to your children and tell them about me and my city” – I learnt to love regardless of how life treats you!
These and many such wonderful women in my life who taught me to live and love the people around me regardless of what I received. I salute to these and all the relentless females who not only brought us in this world but also nurtured us to be the men we are!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Journey through past

Early morning I got inside the city hopper from Norwich International Airport to cross English Channel. As I took the first step the rush of chill made me nostalgic, how soon this city had crept up beneath my skin. I sighed and made way inside.

As I settled by the window, I recollected a familiar face on Heathrow digging cold fingers deep in black tuxedo alone for almost the first time in foreign land. The first bus journey from Heathrow to Norwich. My little Angel who helped me through my first visit. My first encounter with rabbits scurrying through grasses near my accommodation. A class of 17 with 13 nationalities, my first consultancy client, exams, public presentations, London trips late night parties, Buckingham Palace, London Underground, Everything just brushed past me as the flight took me in air to rest on the familiar face who had accompanied me to the airport!

I felt ripped apart heart and soul going to each, soul called for home and heart rested on that face. My eyesight got blurred as we crossed the English Channel. I was still gathering myself when captain announced arrival at Amsterdam.

As I got down the hopper I felt hollow, incomplete and torn!

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Day started as usual, after morning errands I switched on the laptop and made my way towards kitchen to brew a cup of coffee. Smelling aroma of fresh brewed coffee sipping it slowly I made my way to my laptop picking up some cookies.

I minimized the updates, offline messages and news feed to open Outlook. Looking at 24 new messages I heaved a sigh only to see one email from Terry, my MBA program director. Yeah, it was first after a long time, I opened the email, it said "Congratulation you have been nominated for the MBA"

Masters secured!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Norwich Calling!

Days flew by, and it was time to pack bags, Norwich was calling back, the cold air filled me in the warm room.

My father rushed in the room with his check list to ensure all was packed. My aunts, uncles, cousins and scores of friends had flocked at our place since evening to see me off. Our large size family house which generally seemed too big for our nuclear family was packed. I came out and joined the flock, and laughter filled the air.

The time ticked again and watchman loaded my bags in car with drivers help. I came out with my parents and sister and bade byes to my extended family, friends and neighbors.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year with folks!

Back to India, reunited with my family I was glad as following the tradition set years back this new year also I would be with my folks...

As the clock ticked we got together crouching on sofas in the living room, which was turned to dinning room for the occasion with the center table full of roast chicken, liver fry, green salads, mint chutney and my favorite Biryani. It was past a week since my arrival but even after days of chatting and catching up there was still so much to talk.

It was my mother tonight, she was filling me with her stories, as I saw her standing by the kitchen platform cooking and a small boy of 10 stooping by her side on the platform keen to listen to his mom's stories, the boy grew up in front of my eyes as his mother got old and he was now not only standing and stooping to listen but also talking and helping her as she got slow, and then I saw the boy disappeared as she stood there alone, my eyes prickled, the boy was back!

I heard my father laugh out loud and I looked intently as he started to fill me with his part of stories, his hair showed streaks of gray, and he looked tired. This time I saw a kid almost 6 years old filled with joy as after days of persuasion his dad was finally taking him to his office.

I saw the awe he was filled with when he saw the massive building, huge guards, grand war canons and the biggest Indian flag he had ever seen, he was amazed at the grandeur of the place his father worked. The office was filled with loads of people, his father got busy as his peon took the boy around the big building showing him big offices and bigger rooms finally to the very big canteen where he ate chocolates. As the day of treat ended I saw father buying the boy a red fire brigade toy from the shop on the way back home, his souvenir of the day. The boy was filled with admiration for the father who was tall as the building he worked. Days passed again and boy grew now, a bit taller than his father and filled with the mammoth of admiration. Finally, I saw them at the airport as his father bade him bye. I gulped down the last sip of fanta, the boy was back!

As my glass was empty, my younger sister came forward with the bottle to refill my glass. I now looked at her as she stepped back, I remembered the nights when we slept in our room, how she kept on talking till late night, telling me all the stories of the day, till I told her to be quiet and sleep. I saw the time flying back and I saw a five year boy peeping at his new born sister, as she waved her tiny hand and even tinier fingers at him, now I was smiling!

As I was lost in my thought, my sister announced that it was last minute of 2008 and as the new year came I wished my parents and sister a Happy new year!

Happy new year to you all too!

Friday, 26 December 2008

Back 2 India!

1.40 am I drag my huge suitcase to reach Chancellor's Drive, its dark, quiet and cold, Michelle's with me!

As I reach the stop Sheetal appears from the fog, "All Set" She asks and I smirk. Whole year I was filled with this burning desire to be back to my homeland, united with my family but today when I am on my way I feel warm with 5 degree celsius... Its strange!

I inquire of my other two pals Salil and Nikki who were supposed to be back from London to see us off. They must be on the way, but sadly won't be here to say 'byes' before I leave. 'Byes' it won't be easy the city, university, people, and this cold all had crept under my skin over the year they were a part of me now. It felt like I was going back to home away from another home, weird!

Bus no. 727 arrived, my heart jumped I was going back, hey!

The driver helped me and Michelle with our bags as we bade bye to Sheetal; Salil and Nikki weren't around I wished her Merry Christmas in advance, squeezed her hand and stepped in the bus. Joy and sorrow filled me at the same time as I thought of my friends at Norwich and my folks in India, from corner of eye I saw two familiar images running out of fog towards the bus, smile crossed my face...

I stepped down as I saw Salil and Nikki they'd made to see us off, we had loud cheering and Merry Christmases exchanged and stream of byes loud enough for the bus driver to shoo us!

Filled with joy we embarked on 727 to heathrow, Back to India!